# BBC News for iOS 2.0 For just over the last 4 months, I’ve been leading a small team that has been working to update the BBC News App for iPhone and iPad. This new version went live this week and is a significant update. The App has been re-built from the ground up, allowing for a refreshed UI, and addresses a number of bugs and stability issues with the previous version. ![[tumblr_inline_mkwg7aj6qN1qz4rgp.png|BBC News iPad app screenshot]] The update also improved the accessibility of the App, ensuring VoiceOver users can navigate the App with ease. Response to version 2.0 has been overwhelmingly positive: > Rupert Maspero ([@rmaspero](http://twitter.com/rmaspero)) > > BBC’s update to their news app is a huge improvement! [https://twitter.com/rmaspero/status/319043775282421760](https://twitter.com/rmaspero/status/319043775282421760) > Lance Andrewes ([@lanceanz](http://twitter.com/lanceanz)) > > Today’s update of BBC News for iOS is a major one. Layout has been revamped, and it’s clearly faster. [https://twitter.com/lanceanz/status/316972126756286464](https://twitter.com/lanceanz/status/316972126756286464) And the iPad App was picked an Editor’s Choice by the App Store: ![[tumblr_inline_mkwfmjIkB81qz4rgp.png|BBC News app featured in the App Store]] We have noticed a few niggling issues, that will hope to address with an update soon, but in all a very successful launch, and an App we are proud of.